MH 445 R Petrol Tiller

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Agile petrol tiller for smaller gardens. Ideal for working in tight spaces and small flower beds. With reverse gear

The manoeuvrable STIHL tiller MH 445 R was developed for tilling small and medium-sized plots of land and when working in confined areas. In addition to a compact design and balanced centre of gravity, the reverse gear makes it easier for you to manoeuvre and change your direction of travel. The powerful STIHL EVC petrol engine makes tilling the soil an effortless task. The MH 445 R is fitted with blades specially designed to break up and mix the ground with maximum efficiency. The blades cut rapidly into the earth and are spread across a standard width of 45 cm, which can be adjusted if required. The height of the brake spur can be adjusted to one of three settings to ensure the tiller holds a straight line. An integral anti-vibration system effectively reduces the vibrations from the engine and relieves some of the physical stress you may feel when gardening. The ergonomic handlebar can be individually adjusted to your respective body height. You can actuate the chassis on the tiller using your hand or foot and accelerate using your thumb. Prior to performing cleaning or assembly work, the STIHL MH 445 R can be tipped onto its transport wheels to give easier access to the blades.

  • Agile petrol tiller for smaller gardens
  • Ideal for working in tight spaces and small flower beds
  • With adjustable bar for hassle-free transport and storage
  • Standard width of 45 cm can be reduced to 25 cm
  • Motor hoe that can be tilted for easier mounting and cleaning of blades


Weight 37 kg
Power Source



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