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FF300 57cc Rotary Tiller

£2,454.00 inc VAT £2,085.90 inc VAT

This versatile tiller provides easy garden maintenance for the toughest jobs, and offers the ability to fit an optional ridger attachment

Unparalleled performance for extra large plots.

Engineered for maximum performance and efficiency which will allow effortless break up of soil without bucking.

Our rotary tiller range provides easy garden maintenance for the toughest jobs. You will find they are incredibly easy to handle and their unique counter rotating tines allow any difficult job to be a breeze.

Product Overview:

  • Max tilling width (mm): 410
  • Max tilling depth (mm): 160
  • Wheels: Wheels and tyres
  • Side Discs: Unavailable
  • Foldable Handle: Not available
  • Height Adjustment Handle: Yes
  • Swing Handle: Not available
  • Counter-rotating tines: Yes
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