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Cordless Lawntrimmer

£199.00 inc VAT £189.05 inc VAT

This high-quality handheld tool is powered by a durable brushless motor and a sustainable Honda Li-ion battery


The Honda cordless Lawntrimmer will create the perfect finish for your garden, it is designed with comfort in mind for use on those intricate areas. Making the tidying of edges, trimming around trees and plants easy and effortless. This quality handheld tool benefits from a durable brushless motor and is used with a sustainable Honda Li-ion battery.

With a cutting width of 330mm, the Honda Cordless Lawntrimmer is tough enough to tackle those thicker areas of grass and weeds. A bump feed mowing head ensures the nylong cutting line is instantly replaced while in use, so there is no compromise to performance.

An adjustable loop handle and harness assist with the balance and allows the user to obtain a comfortable position for continual use.

Operating off our Universal Battery System, you can choose to use our 2, 4, or 6Ah battery, which can be charged by our fast 8Ah charger.

*Battery and charger not included

  • Run time with 2Ah battery with Nylon line: 16 mins (charge time 2Ah battery 25 mins)
  • Run time with 4Ah battery with Nylon line: 40 mins (charge time 4Ah battery 35 mins)
  • Run time with 6Ah battery with Nylon line: 55mins (charge time 6Ah battery 55 mins)

* Indicative figures only. Varies depending on conditions.


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