Breatheflex Chainsaw Trousers Design A Class 1 – Orange

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The AT4010 is a Design A trouser (Front chainsaw protection) and the protection is rated to Class 1(20 m/s).

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Chainsaw trousers, for forest workers and tree climbers, should be lightweight, and as comfortable and breathable as possible, while retaining good abrasion resistance – so these were they were top of the ‘must-have’ list when we designed the Breatheflex trouser range.

Incorporating a multi-layered chainsaw shield system with high tenacity polymer for ultimate protection, the Breatheflex range uses the lightest chainsaw stalling system available, to reduce fatigue.

The trousers’ outer shell is made from Climasphere breathable fabrics which are also highly abrasion and snag resistant (a must for tree climbers) and the six-way stretch feature makes for the most comfortable forestry chainsaw pants on the market.

The AT4010 is a Design A trouser (Front chainsaw protection) and the protection is rated to Class 1(20 m/s).

Reinforced seams at high tension areas: – Stronger build for longer lasting trousers.
Kevlar reinforcement at lower leg: – Resistance to abrasion such as from thorns and brush.
Quality YKK zipper system on flies and all pockets: – Zipper system is designed to survive extensive heavy use.
Downward facing Pocket Zips: – Compatibility with wearing a climbing harness.
Reinforced lining around ankle: – Reduces wear from boot lace hooks.
Hi-Vis Reflective decals: – Improved roadside safety in low-light conditions.
Cargo and phone pockets have double fold-over flap: – Keeps shavings and dust out.
Elasticated boot lace fastener: – Reduces sawdust ingress into boots.

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