Silky Fox

Silky Zubat Fine Pruning Saw

£71.40 inc VAT

The Silky Zubat Fine is available in a 330mm blade length and comes with a 10 teeth per 30mm teeth configuration.


The Silky Zubat range offers a standard curved saw. It is one of the most popular saws and is widely used by professionals and serious amateurs alike for the general pruning of small to large size branches. It is a very versatile saw that sits very comfortably alongside the Gomtaro range which offers a straight blade.

Silky Saws are traditional Japanese pruning saws and as such are designed to cut on the pull stroke. The blade will be under tension on the cutting stroke and will not be able to bow.

The saws come with a comfortable rubber handle and a new style scabbard. The scabbard has an opening at the bottom which allows moisture and sawdust to fall out of the holster.

Zubat blades cannnot be re-sharpened. The saws are designed to have replaceable blades and all other parts are also available.

Weight 490 kg


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