HS 46 Petrol Hedge Trimmer

£510.00 inc VAT £433.50 inc VAT

Long cleaning intervals courtesy of the long-life air filter system. Easy shrub and bush maintenance around the garden for ambitious domestic users


The HS 45 petrol hedge trimmer is the ideal tool for light maintenance of hedges, shrubs and bushes in your garden.

This neat tool is available with a 45 cm or 60 cm bar with double-sided blades and built-in cut protection. It also features our anti-vibration system, which reduces vibrations at the handle of the machine and makes it much more comfortable to use.

The long-life air filter system means you can leave it longer between cleaning and gives better protection of the engine. The manual fuel pump means that the hedge trimmer is easier to start too, with less pulls of the starter cord needed to get the HS 45 going. It features our 2-MIX engine, which is powerful but economical too.

The HS 45 is our best-selling hedge trimmer as it’s durable, reliable and a great option for use in your garden.

  • Lightweight entry-level model for optimal maintenance of shrubs and bushes in the garden
  • Excellent cutting performance even in corners, due to the special cutter geometry
  • Easy to start thanks to STIHL ElastoStart
  • STIHL anti-vibration system provides comfort even on long working days


Weight 4.3 kg
Power Source



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