Husqvarna Automower: Frequently Asked Questions

For over 25 years the Husqvarna Automower® has been the leading range for robotic mowing. With over 2 million robotic automowers sold worldwide, their latest generation is the most advanced on the market. Designed for functionality and durability, they work quietly, efficiently, and autonomously to give you a better finish than any other mower. 

Day and night, whatever the weather, Husqvarna Automower® gets on with the job. Leaving you to focus on the things that really matter and enjoy a beautiful, perfectly cut lawn every day.

Below are some of the most asked questions about the Husqvarna robotic mower range.

Will there be any grass cuttings to collect and dispose of?

The answer of course is no! This provides two benefits:

  1. No grass clippings to have to dispose of therefore no cost to you.
  2. The automower cuts so finely on a daily basis that there are no visible grass clippings to dispose of and the nutrients from the clippings go back into the ground making for a lush green lawn.

How are the robotic lawn mowers installed?

As Wales’ Premium Husqvarna Automower Dealer, our experienced and highly trained installation team can install your Automower in the most effective manner. Although it is possible to carry out the installation yourself by purchasing the installation kit and following the operator’s instructions, we highly recommend opting for our service to ensure the very best results.

How does the Automower work for the first time on long grass?

If your lawn has grown quite long and thick, you can alter the cutting height on the Automower and gradually reduce it over time to your preferred length. In more extreme cases where the grass is very long, you may need to have it mown with a conventional lawnmower or cut back with a strimmer, or other cordless garden machinery before the Automower takes over.  

Hammering Guidewires into lawn
Husqvarna automower on lawn

How does the mower know to cover the whole lawn?

The robotic mowers operate in a random but calculated pattern, traveling and cutting in various directions leaving you with an evenly cut, carpet-like lawn. With over 20 years of research and testing, the Husqvarna Automowers have proven to be the most reliable way to cover a whole garden, leaving no patches of uncut grass. 

Does the Automower work in the rain?

Husqvarna Automowers are designed to work in most types of weather and can continue to work efficiently in wet conditions. The vital parts are safely protected from rain, as well as dust and grass clippings. We would however recommend bringing the unit indoors in extreme weather conditions such as torrential rain and thunderstorms to avoid any damage to the robotic mower.

Can the Automower work at night?

Husqvarna Automowers are remarkably quiet, you’ll hardly notice the mower as it travels about your garden doing its job quickly with minimal noise. A huge benefit of these robotic lawn mowers is that they can cut your grass, day or night, without any disturbance to you or your neighbours.

Husqvarna automower in the rain
Husqvarna automower at night
automower cut down narrow path

Will the Automower cut up to the edges?

During the installation of an automower, boundary wires are pegged to the lawn or laid just beneath the surface. The mower operates within these areas, leaving no grass uncut right up to the perimeter wire. For the perfect finish, we would suggest tidying any edges with a strimmer.      

Can the Automower work down narrow paths?

The Automower will use the boundary wire as a guide around your garden. Traveling in irregular patterns, leaving no lines or wheel marks, these clever robotic mowers can navigate down paths and passages as narrow as 60cm wide, depending on the model.

What’s the environmental impact of an Automower?

These cordless mowers run on rechargeable batteries, generating no direct emissions with very low energy consumption. Husqvarna Automower robotic mowers have an extremely low noise level (as little as 58dB) and are therefore perfectly suited to replace ride-on or push-along mowers in residential areas, parks, and green spaces, as well as sports and leisure facilities thereby reducing the carbon footprint and noise levels. 

How long does an Automower battery last?

This depends really on the size of your garden and the model of mower, however, you need not worry about when it needs to recharge! The Automower will navigate its way back to the charging unit by picking up a signal from the unit’s antenna and following the patented guidewire system. Or it may follow the boundary wire until it picks up a home signal. Once connected to the charging unit, the robotic mower typically takes 80-100 minutes to fully recharge itself before getting back to work.

Is the Automower safe around children and pets?

Although the Automower uses little power to run, the cutting blades are sharp and can cause harm to fingers, toes, or a pet’s tail. The mowers are designed with a built-in safety feature where the cutting blades are automatically stopped if the mower is lifted off the ground or turned over. 

The mower is also designed with the extra distance between the blade tip and the edge of the unit to avoid any hands or feet accidentally reaching the blades. With this in mind, we would recommend parking the mower in its charging unit while children and animals are playing nearby.

Automower on charge
lifting a husqvarna automower

Is the Automower theft proof?

Husqvarna Automowers are protected in many ways. Firstly a pin code is needed to operate the mower and an alarm will immediately sound if the code is ignored and the unit is lifted or stopped. The robotic mower is useless if stolen as it cannot be paired with another charging station and when reported stolen, the mower will be red-listed for all support.

Do the Autmowers come with a warranty and guarantees?

Husqvarna guarantees the function of all their products. As Premium Husqvarna Auromower dealers in North Wales, any defective parts are repaired and replaced by our authorised workshop during the warranty period of the product.

Husqvarna 2 year warranty

Is the Husqvarna Automower for you?

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