DPS Tool and Equipment Hire in North Wales

Why hire from us?

We hire out an extensive range of machinery and equipment for all your gardening, building, cleaning and DIY needs – Please see our comprehensive hire price list.

All equipment is of the highest quality and is serviced and checked for safety between each hire.  Full instruction is also given.

Please telephone our branches to book your equipment and, if you have not hired from us before, please bring with you two pieces of ID.

We also offer a Delivery and Collection service – please ask when booking your equipment.

CategorySub CategoryItem24 HoursAdditional Day7 DaysWeekend
Garden Equipment HireGardening EquipmentMower 18″ Push15.007.5037.5018.00
Garden Equipment HireGardening EquipmentMower Rough Cut15.007.5037.5018.00
Garden Equipment HireGardening EquipmentRotavator H/Duty40.0020.00100.0050.00
Garden Equipment HireGardening EquipmentRotavator Med/Duty25.0012.5062.5030.00
Garden Equipment HireGardening EquipmentBrush Cutter H/Duty20.0010.0050.0025.00
Garden Equipment HireGardening EquipmentHedge Trimmer Petrol20.0010.0050.0025.00
Garden Equipment HireGardening EquipmentLong Reach Hedge Cutter20.0010.0050.0025.00
Garden Equipment HireGardening Equipment2 Man Post Hole Borer30.0015.0075.0040.00
Garden Equipment HireGardening EquipmentSingle Man Post Hole Borer30.0015.0075.0040.00
Garden Equipment HireGardening EquipmentAugers 4″, 8″, 10″, 12″Min. 5.00
Garden Equipment HireGardening EquipmentLawn Scarifier Commercial35.0017.5087.5045.00
Garden Equipment HireGardening EquipmentLawn Scarifier25.0012.5062.5032.00
Garden Equipment HireGardening EquipmentVac & Blow – 2 Stroke15.007.5037.5018.00
Garden Equipment HireGardening EquipmentGarden Roller3.001.507.504.00
Garden Equipment HireGardening Equipment5″ Petrol Wood Chipper80.0040.00225.00120.00
Garden Equipment HireGardening Equipment2 ½” Petrol Chipper40.0020.00100.0050.00
Garden Equipment HireGardening EquipmentTurf Cutter40.0020.00100.0050.00
Garden Equipment HireGardening EquipmentStump Grinder60.0030.00180.0090.00
Garden Equipment HireGardening EquipmentCommercial Diesel Ride-On Mower100.0060.00280.00160.00
Garden Equipment HireGardening EquipmentLog Splitter35.0017.5087.5045.00
Building EquipmentConcrete and Flooring EquipmentVibrating Poker 1½” – 3″ head25.0012.5062.5030.00
Building EquipmentConcrete and Flooring EquipmentPower Float Blades Changeable30.0015.0075.0040.00
Building EquipmentConcrete and Flooring EquipmentDisk for above3.001.507.504.00
Building EquipmentConcrete and Flooring EquipmentPlate Compactor20.0010.0050.0025.00
Building EquipmentConcrete and Flooring EquipmentRubber Pad for aboveMin. 5.00
Building EquipmentConcrete and Flooring EquipmentTrench Rammer Wacker 2 Stroke35.0017.5087.5040.00
Building EquipmentConcrete and Flooring EquipmentFloor Saw 14″40.0020.00100.0050.00
Building EquipmentGeneral & Building Equipment4/3 Mixer Electric15.007.5037.5018.00
Building EquipmentGeneral & Building Equipment4/3 Mixer Petrol18.009.0045.0022.00
Building EquipmentGeneral & Building EquipmentHilti Nail Gun DX45015.007.5037.5018.00
Building EquipmentGeneral & Building EquipmentSite Lighting 500W Halogen5.002.5012.506.00
Building EquipmentGeneral & Building Equipment4 Way Splitter Boxes5.002.5012.506.00
Building EquipmentGeneral & Building EquipmentWallpaper Steam Stripper10.005.0025.0012.00
Building EquipmentGeneral & Building EquipmentPallet Truck16.008.0040.0020.00
Building EquipmentGeneral & Building EquipmentDrain Rods (10)5.002.5012.506.00
Building EquipmentGeneral & Building EquipmentSlab Cutter/Guillotine15.007.5037.5018.00
Building EquipmentGeneral & Building EquipmentTile Cutter Manual10.005.0025.0012.00
Building EquipmentGeneral & Building EquipmentTabile Tile Saw Diamond20.0010.0050.0025.00
Building EquipmentGeneral & Building EquipmentC.A.T. Scanner25.0012.5062.5030.00
Building EquipmentGeneral & Building EquipmentPower Barrow40.0020.00100.0060.00
Building EquipmentSawsAbrasive Saw 2 Stroke 12″20.0010.0050.0025.00
Building EquipmentSawsCircular Saw 9 1/2″15.007.5037.5018.00
Building EquipmentSawsCircular Saw 10 1/4″15.007.5037.5018.00
Building EquipmentSawsJig Saw10.005.0025.0012.00
Generators & Water PumpsGenerators2.0 KVA Petrol20.0010.0050.0025.00
Generators & Water PumpsGenerators3.0 KVA Petrol25.0012.5062.5030.00
Generators & Water PumpsGenerators4.0 KVA Petrol25.0012.5062.5030.00
Generators & Water PumpsGenerators5.0 KVA Petrol40.0020.00100.0050.00
Generators & Water PumpsGenerators200 Amp Generator/Welder40.0020.00100.0050.00
Generators & Water PumpsWater Pumps1″ Petrol (Centrifugal)15.007.5037.5018.00
Generators & Water PumpsWater Pumps2″ Petrol (Centrifugal)20.0010.0050.0025.00
Generators & Water PumpsWater Pumps2″ Submersible 110 Volt15.007.5037.5018.00
Transformers & Ex LeadsTransformer3.00 KVA Twin Outlet5.002.5012.506.00
Transformers & Ex LeadsExtension Lead50-100Ft. 240 or 110 Volt3.001.507.504.00
Transformers & Ex LeadsExtension Lead100Ft. Reel 240 or 110 Volt5.002.5012.506.00
Power ToolsPower Tools8″ Drum Floor Sander25.0012.5062.5030.00
Power ToolsPower Tools7″ Edging Sander15.007.5037.5020.00
Power ToolsPower Tools4″ Belt Sander10.005.0025.0012.00
Power ToolsPower Tools4″ Orbital Sander8.004.0020.0010.00
Power ToolsPower ToolsPower Planer12.006.0030.0015.00
Power ToolsPower Tools9″ Angle Grinder10.005.0025.0012.00
Power ToolsPower Tools4 – 4 1/2″ Angle Grinder8.004.0020.0010.00
Drills & BreakersDrills And BreakersHydraulic Breaker (Petrol Unit)30.0015.0075.0035.00
Drills & BreakersDrills And BreakersBreaker H/Duty Electric Bosch18.009.0045.0022.00
Drills & BreakersDrills And BreakersBreaker Med/Duty15.007.5037.5020.00
Drills & BreakersDrills And BreakersBreaker L/Duty12.006.0030.0015.00
Drills & BreakersDrills And BreakersRotary Hammer H/Duty Hilti15.007.5037.5020.00
Drills & BreakersDrills And BreakersRotary Hammer M/Duty15.007.5037.5020.00
Drills & BreakersDrills And BreakersCordless Drill10.005.0025.0012.00
Drills & BreakersDrills And BreakersPercussion Drill ½”8.004.0020.0010.00
Drills & BreakersDrills And BreakersDiamond Core Drill15.007.5037.5020.00
Drills & BreakersDrills And BreakersImpact Driver 110v10.005.0025.0012.00
Drills & BreakersDrills And BreakersAngle Driver 110v12.006.0030.0020.00
Drills & BreakersDrill Biits and Core BitsCore Bits to 40mm.Min. 5.00
Drills & BreakersDrill Biits and Core BitsCore Bits 40mm. to 75mm.Min. 6.00
Drills & BreakersDrill Biits and Core BitsCore Bits 76mm. to 125mm.Min. 8.00
Drills & BreakersDrill Biits and Core BitsDiamond Core KitMin. 20.00
Garage EquipmentGarage Metal Working EquipmentEngine Hoist 10 Cwt.15.007.5037.5020.00
Cleaning EquipmentCleaners And Power WashersTow Behind Diesel Pressure Washer50.0025.00125.0065.00
Cleaning EquipmentCleaners And Power WashersHigh Pressure Washer 3000 PSI Petrol30.0015.0075.0040.00
Cleaning EquipmentCleaners And Power WashersHigh Pressure Washer 1600 PSI Petrol25.0012.5062.5035.00
Cleaning EquipmentCleaners And Power WashersCarpet Cleaner – Extraction Type12.006.0028.0015.00
Cleaning EquipmentCleaners And Power WashersIndustrial Vacuum Cleaner Wet/Dry12.006.0028.0015.00
Cleaning EquipmentCleaners And Power WashersCamon Power Sweeper80.0040.00200.00120.00
Heaters & DehumidifiersDryers/HeatersForced Air Paraffin 100,000 BTU25.0012.5062.5030.00
Heaters & DehumidifiersDryers/HeatersForced Air Gas 125,000 BTU20.0010.0050.0025.00
Heaters & DehumidifiersDryers/HeatersForced Air Gas 260,000 BTU25.0012.5062.5030.00
Heaters & DehumidifiersDryers/HeatersHeater 240 Volt8.004.0020.0010.00
Heaters & DehumidifiersDryers/HeatersDehumidifiers Large40.0020.00100.0050.00
Ladders & TowersLadder and Support EquipmentDouble 11 Ladder Approx. 18Ft.6.003.0015.007.50
Ladders & TowersLadder and Support EquipmentDouble 17 Ladder Approx. 28Ft.8.004.0020.0010.00
Ladders & TowersLadder and Support EquipmentTreble Ladder15.007.5037.5018.00
Ladders & TowersLadder and Support EquipmentRoof Ladder Approx. 18Ft.8.004.0020.0010.00
Ladders & TowersLadder and Support EquipmentAccrow PropsMin. 3.00
Ladders & TowersLadder and Support EquipmentStrongboysMin. 3.00
Ladders & TowersAccess TowersAlloy Towers2.50 per Foot
Diggers & DumpersDiggers & Dumpers1.5 Ton Mini Digger65.0045.00185.00120.00
Diggers & DumpersDiggers & DumpersMicro Digger65.0045.00185.00120.00
Diggers & DumpersDiggers & Dumpers1 Ton Dumper65.0045.00185.00120.00