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Eliet Shredders

World-renowned and innovative manufacturer Eliet are based in Belgium and manufacture an extensive range of grounds care and landscaping solutions.

The disposal of overgrown trees, shrubs and hedge clippings has been a continual problem for the gardener or landscaper as the material once cut down is bulky and expensive to dispose of. The solution to this lies with the range of Eliet Green Waste shredders that can process not only wood, like a chipper, but all the leafy green material too, processing it into Biochips that can be returned straight back into the garden to decompose naturally and provide a valuable nutrient to the soil rather than being tipped in expensive landfill sites.

The range of Eliet Green Waste Shredders offers a solution for shredding material from 3cm – 16cm. Shredding Green Waste can clog up standard chippers and become a tricky job but with a Green Waste Shredder the waste is disposed of quickly and efficiently into mulch that can then be used as ground covering thanks to the patented Eliet Chopping Principle.

The range of green waste shredders comprises of the smallest electric Eliet shredder, the Neo, ideal for domestic or light use up to the largest Eliet shredder, the ‘Mega Prof’ which is configured like a trailed wood chipper but being a commercial green waste shredder can shred material up to 16cm in diameter.

The range of Green waste shredders from Eliet are designed to get into the garden so material can be processed on site and to aid this the range includes both self-propelled machines as well as machines with crawler tracks to get into the most challenging of locations as well as conventional trailed machines for those who wish to operate in a more conventional manner. Whether you’re looking for a garden shredder or you’re a contractor or tree surgeon looking for a commercial green waste shredder, Eliet have a solution for you.

Please see the Eliet brochure & call 01492 540847 for prices.